Car Wax and Polish - Berwick and Pakenham

Wash and Wax

Book your car in for a wash and wax at Pride Detailing Berwick or Pakenham. From as little as $20 you can have the professionals wash and wax your auto, clean the wheel arches, clean the wheels and tyres, dress the tyres and chamois dry your car.

At this price, it is affordable enough and more effective to have the experts wash and wax your car regularly rather than battle with water restrictions and time constraints.

Cut and Polish (Hand Polish)

With a full auto detail, your car will also benefit from a cut and polish, wash and wax and a hand polish. A polish helps remove small blemishes and scratches as well as leaving your car with a high shine. The wax then protects your car’s duco and helps retain the high gloss shine from the polish.

Your car’s duco can fade and become patchy as well as lose its shine over time. Exposure to the weather and elements can have an impact along with the age and condition of the paint. A full car detail with wash and wax, and cut and polish will restore that new car look and help maintain your vehicle.

Car wash and wax Berwick and Pakenham

Car cut and hand polish Berwick and Pakenham

Pride Detailing are environmentally aware and try to be green where possible. We use advanced techniques to minimise our water usage and use recycled water where this is possible.

If you live close to Berwick or Pakenham, take advantage of our mobile service.

Let the professional look after your car waxing and polishing requirements!


Full Car Detailing with cut and polish

from $260 for sedans and wagons, $300 for 4WD and SUV's

Cut and polish | Full wash and wax | Steam clean engine | Steam clean under car | Clean door jams | Clean and dress dashboard | Clean and dress door trims | Vacuum carpet and seats | Dress engine bay | Hand polish | Steam clean carpet and seats | Clean windows | Deodorise

Wash and Wax

from $25

Wash and wax | Wheel arches cleaned | Chamois dry | Wheels and tyres cleaned | Tyres dressed

Other Services

Car detailing, car wash, wax and polish, car window tinting, car interior protection. Available in Berwick, Pakenham, Dandenong, Melbourne and surrounding areas.

Contact us to book your car in for a wash and wax or full detail with cut and hand polish.