Car Window Tinting - Berwick, Pakenham

Pride Detailing offers a professional car window tinting service complete with a lifetime warranty.

Car Window Tinting – what are the benefits?

  • Tinting your car windows will block out up to 99% of harmful ultraviolet light (UV rays)
  • The car’s interior is more protected resulting in less fading, cracking and aging of seats, dashboard and upholstery.
  • Car window tinting reduces the amount of heat passing through the windows resulting in a more comfortable environment for your every day driving.
  • Less glare from the sun or other headlights while you are driving. This is a benefit for day and night driving.
  • Increased privacy – feel more secure whether it is you, your family or belongings inside the car.
  • Our car window tinting uses a product that bonds to the glass, helping the glass to be more resistant to shattering in an accident.
  • Did we mention that car window tinting looks cool?
Car window tinting Berwick Pakenham

Protect your car's interior as well as the car occupants with a full car window tint. Pride Detailing have been servicing the local communities of Berwick and Pakenham for over 15 years and are specialists in car detailing as well as auto window tinting. Ask us today about colours and prices.


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