Car Paint Protection

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High Performance Exterior Coating


In today’s fast-paced world, there are some things most of us would like more of, like time, money, energy just to name a few! Keeping a new car well maintained can be costly and very time-consuming. With today's busy lifestyle, wouldn’t you rather be spending your valuable time doing the things you love?

Pride Detailing’s High Performance Exterior Coating you can spend less time washing your vehicle and more time doing the things you love!

What is Exterior Surface Coating?


Pride Detailing’s High Performance Surface Coating is a profenally applied product, formulated to provide exceptional and durable protection against the damage caused by tree sap, bird & bat droppings and harmful UV rays. Unlike traditional paint sealants, and waxes and polishes that break down over time, Pride Detailing’s High Performance Surface Coatings provide long term protection.

Other Services

Car detailing, car wash, wax and polish, car window tinting, car interior protection. Available in Berwick, Dandenong and surrounding areas.